Children's Church

We welcome children and youth of all ages to our services. They are welcome to stay for the worship service, or to participate in our Children's Church which is held in the Parish Hall.


The children begin the worship service with the congregation, and gather near the pulpit for a children's message, a prayer and the lighting of a candle for peace before going into the adjoining Parish Hall. We offer a one room schoolhouse program for mixed ages using the Godly Play method of religious education most Sundays. The morning includes storytelling, music, crafts, and a light snack.


To learn more about Godly Play, visit this link:

Godly Play Making meaning through story, wonder, and play. Nurturing spiritual lives by honoring the centrality, competency, and capacity of children. Where childhood spirituality matters. 


SAFE CHURCH POLICY (adopted 2019)

 Children's Church, United Christian Church, Lincolnville, Maine


Guidelines we follow at church to keep children and youth safe at church.


At Children’s Church, we value respect, kindness, peace, safety, and community.


Children’s Church & Parental Consent: Children’s Church takes place during the 9:30 a.m. worship hour in the Parish Hall next to the Sanctuary. All parents (or caregivers) are asked to remain on property while their children are here. We require parental consent for children to participate in Children’s Church and we ask families to fill out a registration form providing information to help us better serve children and families. Any off-site activity requires advance notice to parents and parental consent.


Teachers: All Children’s Church teachers and church staff who work with children will have a job description and review safety policies annually as part of training & preparation. All teachers will complete a volunteer application form and consent to a background check. All groups of children and youth should be under the care and supervision of two adults. No adult should be alone with a child without explicit permission from a parent. Due to the layout of the church building, if the group in Parish Hall is small and only one teacher available, additional support will be requested from adults gathered in the sanctuary if needed. Teachers contact a parent when bathroom supervision or a diaper change is needed or when there is disruptive behavior that requires parental involvement.


First Aid: There is a first aid kit and an AED, along with emergency instructions posted in the Parish Hall. CPR/First Aid training is offered to volunteers.


Reporting Responsibilities: Any inappropriate conduct or relationship between an adult and a child or youth shall be promptly reported to a supervisor or designated agent of the church, in this case the Pastor or Chair of the Board. Maine law states that certain people, including clergy and teachers, must report to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services if they know or have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has been or is likely to be abused or neglected.


Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons: The use of any drugs, tobacco, inhalants, or alcoholic products at church-sponsored children or youth events is not permitted. The church is a weapon-free zone.


Transportation: Teachers and staff do not transport children or youth between church and home. Transportation for off-site church-sponsored activities is by groups and takes place to and from the church. Any exceptions require written or verbal permission from the child’s parent.


Digital guidelines: We occasionally post photos or videos on our church social media page (public) or include photos in our electronic newsletter (sent to members and friends). We ask on the Children’s Church registration form for permission to post photos of children and youth without their names printed. Any communication with youth via social media or email should be copied and/or visible to their parents/guardians.

Youth (ages 12-18) Activities: At this time, there are no youth group activities for this age group held on-site. Appropriate policies will be adopted if/when that is the case.



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